Thursday, May 19, 2016

Soybean fields and pigs

Who knows what you find until you walk the field.

Bird nest in row of soybeans that are just emerging.  Killdeer has made the field home.  It's not unusual to find them and they have adapted well.  There will be no tillage in this field and birds will be fine.

    While this field has beans already emerged I have another that was planted the day of a large rain and the ground has become harder than I would like.  That field will be watched closely.  If we get some rain in a week to soften the ground I expect a good stand, if not we will see.  Keep you posted.

    Planting is resuming after several rainy days and we are still ahead of average progress.

Pigs at Nancy's

I picked up some pigs from Independence Pork ( they have been donating either adult pigs or money to buy pork for our event each year).  I meet Alma the manager and this year they are donating a pig that one of our church partners will raise for the hog roast in October.  They are weighing about 15 lbs. now.

                                         Serving together,  Dean 

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