Monday, April 17, 2017

"Don't Worry be Happy"

Don't Worry Be Happy

     What a great Easter we had in northern Illinois!  I have been asked about all the rain and if we are behind schedule in the fields.  This year so far we are continually 5-7 days from being able to start planting corn.  We get close and another rain day appears.  Illinois is 1% planted in corn and the average would be 6%.  Today I hear some locations are planting but most are still a few drying days away with rain in the forecast.

     Below is why we should be HAPPY.

This was April 14 2015 conditions Red and dark red are extreme drought conditions
 April 14, 2015, U.S. Drought Monitor Map
This is April 11 2017 showing vast improvements

Map of U.S. drought conditions for April 11, 2017

Western and southern states are looking so much better and we hope this is not temporary.
We all know nothing grows well without moisture so for now BE HAPPY even if it means delays
in your plans.

Serving together, Dean

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