Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring challenges

Planting delays:

     Every year presents a different challenge for the farmer.  This year it is the number of sunny days available for field work.  I received just short of an inch of rain this week so planting progress is put on hold.  Much of the planting got done in April, rain delay, start again middle of May, rain delay, finish early June, and hope for no replanting.  
     Sometimes if it rains within 48 hours of planting a field then turns sunny and warm the dirt covering the seeds becomes too hard for seedling emergence.  When this happens the farmer needs to replant with fresh seeds.  There has been spots that required replanting around my farm and more prevalent in Livingston county.  Rains May 3rd and 4th were to blame.
   Still forecast for light amounts of accumulation for the remainder of the week but first week of June looks promising for resuming work.  
First field planted looks great and ready for next field operations, spray for weeds, apply nitrogen, and monitor for problems that may hurt plants if not remedied

                                                                                                Serving together, Dean.  

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