Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Is drought over?

Texas much improved, California not much

 Watching the news reports it seems that rain is falling everywhere and all is back to normal.  Heavy rains throughout Texas caused flooding and replaced some water retention systems.  Texas wheat was nearly mature so the rain would not help that and actually may cause quality damage to seeds.  Texas corn is starting to pollinate so it will be helped.  Soil conditions are much improved.  California is still showing drought conditions in much of the state.
We hope lasting solutions will begin to evolve.  

For my northern Illinois area we have another week of rain forecast so field work limited 
This was taken Sunday morning and the rows are completely shaded now, we got some hail last night but at this stage the corn is growing so fast the damage will be minimal I do have insurance but no payable loss this time. We will know soon how many acres of corn was planted or if some was switched to soybeans.  My Soybeans are just emerging and the rain will actually do them good.
                                                                                    Serving Together, Dean


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