Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rain Delay

Rain Delay:
     Planting has stopped this week as rain returned on the 27th., and more the next 2 days.   We have been blessed with good weather leading up to this and the below map shows the planting progress.  Actually we are one week ahead of average progress so as of now things are looking fine.

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%
Corn CBOT December futures prices have experienced volatility on concerns of south american weather and a possible hot dry summer in the US.  Low price on March 31st of $3.80 to high on April 21st of $4.16 that is a $0.38 change in price over the 3 week period.  Farmers will be watching markets closer in hopes of getting some sales at a profit but even this rally may not be high enough to cover all costs for many producers.

Definitely farmers are anxious to get crops planted early to avoid the higher risk of pollination days in the hottest days of summer, and attempting to fine tune their marketing plans.

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