Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are you anti Monsanto?

I apologize for slacking on my postings but needed a boost to get me going again.  I just read this article on which is part of Farm Journal.  Farm Journal has been providing information to farmers since 1877 and has a excellent reputation for accuracy. is one of my favorite sites and visit at least 4 times a day.

Sales Surge for Monsanto's New Intacta Soybeans

Highlights of article

Monsanto has been developing GMO plants that will increase production and reduce use of chemicals.

They have now developed another type that will save so many chemical applications that chemical companies will be idling factories.

Classic reason why I favor their research.  I prefer GMO over importing oil, converting that into possible harmful chemicals, and creating chemical resistant bugs.  Also to feed the world we cannot be sacrificing plants to insects.   I need a t shirt FEED PEOPLE NOT BUGS, SUPPORT GMO.

link to article.

This is my own opinion and might not be the views of FRB or groups associated with them.

If you still are anti Monsanto I hope you understand the other side.

Serving together,  Dean


  1. This point of view is interesting to know. Everything I hear GMO is bad for the body.